Meet Vea
To my (future) companion,

First, how are you? How have you been? When have you been sincerely asked that? When have you stopped to think about the answer? I understand you need inspiration, wisdom, perhaps extra help on your current endeavors, and we'll get to that, but first, let me ask you again, how are you?

We live in an overly accessible world but often to the detriment of what you might really need. There's so much out there to compare ourselves to, so many experts, so many options. There always seems to be an app, a course, a best practice, an offered solution without truly knowing what matters most.

Because at the core of any business, ministry, or project, there is a person facing a problem or brewing up a dream. Excited, exhausted, perhaps both. There is you.

You matter most. 

So really, how are you?

Wherever you are in your journey, I'd love to accompany you! Let me be the Samwise to your Frodo (excuse the Lord of the Rings reference). 
I'll be here to consult and advice, using my 10 years of experience in business, communication, and administration, yes. But perhaps more importantly, I simply like to be here for you. 

And to make sure we're a good fit, let's chat and get to know each other

I look forward to creating and collaborating with you, as I remain,

Sincerely at your service,

Vea Coronado
Companion and Consultant
Crown and Calling


The specifics of what I offer

Companionship that's built for you

I usually do a mixture of ongoing 1-2 hour call/meeting sessions, journal/document prompts, and brainstorm sessions in a mutually agreed upon timeline. After getting to know you, I narrow down a practical need then trace it back to a high-level strategy/challenge that needs to be addressed. I meet with my companions as often as needed. After every session, I provide an email with the synthesis of the conversation and any action items, resources and recommendations. I always start the session by asking, how are you?
One size fits one

While I can speak on best practices, strategies and solutions, I mainly advise, consult, and conduct the sessions based on what best suits you and your values. I’ve been developing a holistic approach in order to accompany you in the specific stage of your current endeavours. I’ll provide you with the structure and direction that fits both your working style and overall lifestyle. 
One time discovery session

This is a chance for us to chat about your current triumphs and pain points so that we can narrow down a course of action. Once we book a date, I usually send a couple of questions ahead of time which sets the course of our conversation. After the session, I send an email that provides a summary, list of recommendations, and a couple of options as to how we can get started on our accompaniment. There won't be a commitment to sign up for anything long-term at this point. This is a great option if you're looking specifically for a one-time session. That said, the price of your first ever session is always deducted from your future rate if you do chose ongoing companionship with me! 
Financial options and alternative economies

One time sessions are generally $75* CAD per hour and ongoing sessions usually go for a discounted rate that we agree on depending on the scope and the duration of our companionship.

*But it's frustrating when your source of challenge is the main thing that hinders you from getting help. And since one of my personal values is financial sustainability, I offer a pay-what-you-can and service/product trade model to new and ongoing companions who need financial help. Depending on my own time and financial restraints, I usually set certain criterias to ensure I'm able to offer this option to those who need it the most. 
Free Coffee Chats

Let's catch up or get to know each other! I'm free for a 30-minute coffee chat every Friday mornings and *most* Tuesdays evenings. I dedicate this time to previous and potential companions, and really anyone who just wants to say hi!

The unlikely marketing campaign

I don't email weekly, probably not even monthly.
I'll only email when I have something to share that's useful to you.
Your personal information is safe with me.

Oh, and when you email me, I'll always respond personally, except if you seem spammy. 

I'm also on social media but mostly for fashion, advocacy, and memes.
But you can connect or "talk shop" with me there too.